Card box 2 – soulsymbols 31-60

39,00 incl. btw

format cardbox : 150 x 150  x45 mm

each card is 135 x 135 mm, 330 gramms gloss laminated

The backside of the card is empty except for the titel of the symbol.


The box contains Symbols 31 to 60. 


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Universal soulsymbols for meditation and alignment with your source

The soul creates from a heart that is overflowing with Love for you♥

This series of soul symbols provide you with energy frequencies that invite you to connect with your Soul, your Source, to remember who you are in essence and to live your full potential.

Let the images speak for themselves

No words with these symbols. Words are for your mind while the magic is in your personal interaction with the energy vibrations of the symbols which are automatically understood by your Heart and soul.

Feel … and receive …

Look at the symbol, let the energy in and feel the beauty of your own Soul!


Treat yourself every day to a moment of silence, tuning into your Soul by connecting with one of the symbols that you seek out by feeling. Connect to your own wisdom, your wholeness, your well-being.






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