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( pronounce as: it’ss creation )

ITSS stand for  Interactive  Transformative  SoulSymbols
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A Soulsymbol tuned into you personally

A visible energetic message from your Soul ♥

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Your personal Soulsymbol will offer you energyfrequencies that will engage a connection / will invite you to connect to your Source, your Soul, your Higher Self. It  will make you remember who you are in your Essence and enable you to live your life to full potential.


Allow yourself a moment of synchronization to your Soul every day by connecting in silence to your personal symbol. 

It is in the connection with your higher Self that all the answers and your well-being can be found. Tune into your own wisdom, completeness and unconditional love that is waiting for you inside your own beautiful Soul.



For the creation of your symbol I do not need any information, although I welcome a conversation with you, either live or through the telephone. You are most welcome!

The cost for your personal symbol is €333,- including VAT

The symbol will be sent digitally in JPG or any other extension. You can print it yourself in any  format on your own material.

itss-creation soulsymbol spiritual logo design from the heart by hadewych gerlof