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ITSS stands for Interactive Transformative SoulSymbols

( pronounce as: it’ss creation )

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ituele kust – energetische kunst

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It is my great passion to translate the energy, inspiration and images I experience in connection with my soul into visible and tangible. I tune in to what I may create for you personally or for the universe as a whole (universally) and I translate those energy frequencies into a (soul)symbol.

The Soul creates from a heart that is overflowing with love for you

This series of Soulsymbols offer you energyfrequencies that will engage a connection to your Source, your Soul, your Higher Self. They will make you remember who you are in your Essence and enable you to live your life to full potential.

Let the images speak for themselves

There is no story to these symbols. These energies cannot be translated (by me) into mundane words. Words take you straight to the brain, whereas the magic lies in your personal interaction with the energy vibrations of the symbol. Your heart and soul will respond instantly through your emotions.

Therefore feel… and receive…

Look at the symbol, connect to the energyfrequency and experience the beauty of your own Soul. This will happen automatically without any effort from your side.


Allow yourself a moment of synchronization to your Soul / alignment with your soul every day by connecting in silence to one of the symbols, using your intuition to choose one.

It is in the connection with your higher Self that all the answers and your well-being can be found. Tune into / connect with your your own wisdom, completeness and the unconditional love that is waiting for you inside your own beautiful Soul


You can also inspire me in my intention by which I create the universal symbols. Do you have a healing or coaching practice and do you wish to inspire me into creating a specific synchronized symbol? Do not hesitate to do so! A symbol on the wall will uphold and support the energy in a space positively.

You can order a printed version of the symbol in a variety of sizes and materials.

For any special requests please contact me for the possibilities.

itss-creation soulsymbol spiritual logo design from the heart by hadewych gerlof